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What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic, aka sponsored ads, are posts that can be highly targeted and reach much further than what is possible organically. Ad options vary by platform and can be incorporated into a marketing strategy when necessary to reach your business goals.

Facebook’s ad revenues increased 30% from 2017 – 2018 alone. This represents over $55 billion spent by businesses on Facebook marketing in the last year.

There is a simple reason why Facebook is pulling this much revenue for ads; It works!

Who can benefit from paid traffic?

When paid ads are used effectively they can benefit any type of business. Plumbers to real estate agents, chiropractors to food truck operators. Ads are highly versatile, paid for individually, and can be adapted quickly and easily. The ability to preselect your budget for adspend means you will never exceed the predetermined amount you find acceptable. Paid ads can be used for quickly increasing traffic to your website or Amazon product page, gaining qualified leads for your business, increasing app downloads, brand visibility, and many other types of promotions. 

When it comes to getting your brand’s content to the right audience, there are very few things that can compete with the highly focused targeting social platforms offer. The trial and error of traditional advertising is dramatically reduced through the ability to target very specific audiences and “pre-qualify” a lead as a person who has already shown interest in your business.

There are many options when it comes to paid traffic and many ways to employ each to benefit your business. Sharky Social offers full-service paid traffic management, from completely done for you options, to consulting on a campaign you’d like to run on your own. We create compelling content and copy that converts into dollars for your business, and we can assist in any way you may need us.

Types of paid traffic available per channel

Once you decide paid traffic is right for your business, you will have many options available to you.

Paid advertising is available on nearly every major social platform, with specific options varying by platform.


Facebook offers a wide array of options for advertisers. Images and Carousel posts, Collections and Video, Slideshows, Instant Experiences, Catalogs, and Stories are all options on Facebook. There are also several options for ad placements such as on Facebook’s family of apps, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Marketplace.


Photo and Video ads, Carousel posts, IGTV (Instagram TV), and Stories are popular places to advertise on Instagram.


Options for paid traffic on Twitter include ad placement on User Timelines, Profiles and Tweet Detail Pages, Specialized Cards and the Twitter Audience Platform.


Pinterest offers paid traffic with Promoted Pins, both Image and Video, Carousel posts and sponsored App Pins.


Display and Overlay ads, Bumper ads, Video ads both skippable and unskippable, Sponsored Cards, and YouTube TrueView are all options on YouTube.


Paid traffic on Snapchat is some of the most creative available. Ad types here include Snap, Collection, and Story posts, Branded Filters, AR Lenses, and unskippable Commercials.


LinkedIn sponsored content options include Image, Video, and Carousel ads.

Search Advertising:

Google, Bing, and Verizon Native are a few of the places outside of social platforms that paid traffic can be used.

Why Sharky Social Is Your Best Choice

When you choose Sharky Social to run a paid traffic campaign for your business you can rest assured that ROI is our highest priority. We closely monitor all campaigns and adjust instantly as needed. If one of your ads is doing much better than another we are able to pause the under performing one to get the absolute most ROI from your adspend.

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