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Social media is far more cost effective than most other types of marketing

Why your business needs social media

When it comes to business marketing you need results that matter. One of the best ways to increase brand visibility and acquire new customers is by creating and maintaining a strong presence on social media. 

Over the past ten years, consumer behaviors have changed. When was the last time you called the movie theater to check show times or looked in the phone book for new restaurants? We are in the midst of the digital age, and social proof is more important now than ever before. Many brands struggle to create the digital presence for their businesses that convey who they are, and puts them in front of the people who want to find them.

As of 2019, 68% of all Americans were active on Facebook alone. That type of reach is unheard of and impossible anywhere besides social media.

Being aware of this is vital for any modern business who wishes to remain competitive and relevant. Social media gives your brand the bridge to engage with customers, and those who have not yet learned about your company, in ways that are simply unavailable with any other type of marketing. 

What are people saying about your business? What do they think of your website, products, and brand image? Social listening and monitoring gives you the ability to guide this conversation instead of letting random people, or worse your direct competition, decide the way you will be perceived online.

Branding your business can become a time consuming task for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of expensive billboards and radio ads, social media has replaced these methods and made things increasingly more simple for a business looking to create their brand identity. Social media, when used effectively, will give your brand a step up on the competition and allow your company to set itself apart from the pack.

Hey you, read this! A ‘CTA’ or Call To Action, is an easy method to direct the actions of your fans and followers on social media. Do you want more followers, increased traffic to your website? Would you like to quickly and easily increase subscribers to your monthly newsletter or promote your next event or upcoming sale? This can be accomplished on social media with the click of a button.

Aside from the incredible reach you will see on by leveraging a social presence, you will be able to do a lot more for a lot less. You may have run print ad campaigns, fliers, or mailers in the past and may have even seen some traction. For less than the cost of sending out 1000 fliers one time, you could reach 10,000 people on social media regularly. You can target exactly who you’d like to reach, and you’ll even receive detailed analytics that will help on other campaigns.  By connecting with highly targeted potential customers and using a CTA, you can direct the actions of those you reach and turn them from interested followers into paying customers.

"Social sites like Facebook and Twitter
have user numbers that are simply astounding".


Giving your brand and business a presence on social media is one of the most important investments you can make. The advantage enjoyed by companies who are doing this is simply unparalleled. Turning a blind eye to this new world is turning your back to hundreds of millions of potential customers.

As mentioned, 68% of the total American population is present on Facebook. That is over 200 MILLION people. 

37% of people who use the internet in America are present on Instagram. This includes 72% of all teenagers.

22% of all American adults are active on Twitter and these numbers are growing daily.

Snapchat reaches 11% of the entire US population. 76% of users report that they regularly make online purchases.

LinkedIn is especially great if your business sells directly to other companies. As a leading B2B platform, over 80% of all B2B leads from social media come from LinkedIn. There are over 120 MILLION daily users on this platform and connecting with the right people here couldn’t be easier. 

Do your products and services appeal largely to women? Pinterest reaches 34% of all American women between the ages of 18-49, and 83% of those aged 25-54.

When it comes to reaching potential customers between the ages of 18-49, YouTube reaches more than any broadcast or cable TV network in the world.

Tens of millions of these users visit social media daily, with the specific intention of finding new products, new services and new brands. When you position your company correctly on social media, your business will thrive in a whole new way.

Why social media is the future

The way we use social media and the internet has become increasingly more ingrained into our daily lives. There are no signs of this slowing down anytime soon, in fact, all signs point to an even wider adoption in the future. 

People love social media because it’s an easy and completely free way for them to interact with friends and family, stay up to date on topics, and engage with brands and business they care about.

Social media gives your business the ability to be more than a company who sells products and services. You can become part of the community, let fans and followers know why your business is great, what you do better than anyone else, and directly engage with potential customers who have more choices now than ever before.     

Your social presence and website will become a lead generating asset. This is how it’s supposed to work right? Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and our businesses run smoother and more efficiently. Don’t ignore the advantages available to you!

How Sharky Social will work for your brand’s core identity

Sharky Social will create and successfully leverage a social presence that fits your brand’s core identity and values. We work for you, always keeping true to your brand’s vision and voice. We will use our expertise on social networks to put your message and business before more of the right people and turn faithful followers into paying customers and vocal advocates for your brand and business. Sharky Social can leverage the power of social media to your advantage by positioning your brand as a leader in your space, and bringing the right people to you.

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