you deserve a unique strategic vision to accomplish your goals

Why having a social media strategy is important

Sharky Social knows no two businesses are exactly alike. Why should you settle for a generic strategy that may or may not work towards your business goals? To answer simply; you shouldn’t. Don’t settle for an online agency who “creates” a plan for your business that is exactly the same as the last 5 business they’ve worked with.

Your business is unique, your customers are unique, and you deserve a strategic vision that will accomplish your unique goals.

How sharky social develops a strategy for your business

Are you sick of seeing online companies promising, “100’s of new leads per week when you sign up with us!”? 

These claims are baseless and social media marketing does not work this way. How can they know they will get leads without even knowing what your business does? What if your business sells used napkins? That sounds ridiculous right? Any agency promising you results before knowing anything about your business, target customers, or goals should sound just as ridiculous. This is called ‘treating before diagnosing’ and is a sign of an agency that doesn’t quite have it together.

When you work with Sharky Social you will not get a generic plan. You will also not get fantastic promises, nor excuses a month later when those results don’t materialize. 

At Sharky Social your account manager will sit down with you in person, to gain a full understanding of your business and goals. We’ll perform an in depth analysis of your industry, niche, and your closest competitors to determine where you currently stand and where you can improve. From there we formulate a strategic vision for your business that will work and discuss it with you in detail. We will never ask you to just blindly “trust us”.

When you work with Sharky Social you become a member of the Sharky Social Club. We will happily go over every step in our plan, and explain why we believe these are the best steps to accomplish your goals.

Tools we can employ to meet your goals

Sharky Social will always develop the very best strategic plan, custom fit for your business and inline with your goals and budget.

We have an arsenal of methods to get you where you want to be. Sharky Social provides full-service social media management and representation including; content curation and creation, constant contact campaigns via social media, email, or direct marketing, SEO optimization, blog posts, influencer negotiation, paid traffic campaigns, community interaction, and much more.

If we don’t offer the service you need we will happily put you in touch with someone in the industry that we believe in.

We also offer customized plans when our full-service packages aren’t quite what you need. We’re here to make your life easier, let us know the best way to do that!

Why sharky social is the best choice

While Sharky Social has the expertise and ability to work with brands and companies of all sizes and in all locations, we are focused on empowering small businesses in the Temecula Valley. We are able to meet you in person at your business, or at our local office to discuss your needs with you. When you hire Sharky Social you are working directly with a partner in your community, not a faceless company on the internet that may or may not prioritize your best interests. We believe your success is our success, and we only work with clients for whom we believe we can achieve amazing results.

Sharky Social will help set your business apart. Through our ability to create content, handle all things social media and engage with your customers and potential customers, while understanding and staying true to your brand identity, values and voice, we are confident we can provide the highest standard of excellence to our clients.

Are you ready to cast your net?

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